Krabi+Koh phi phi... or the famous screen savers photos

After our trip in the jungle of Kao Sok, we headed to the western coast of Thailand, the Andaman. When you think of Thailand's beaches you invision limestone and crystal clear turquoise water.. well this is it guys! We started off with Krabi, the jump off point for all the beautiful islands. We stayed in Krabi town, which offered more budget-friendly accommodation but is a good 30 min from the beach. At first we thought Krabi Town was polluted and not worth visiting, but we ended up really liking the 'local scene'  especially the night market. After 3days in Krabi we took a ferry to the world famous Koh phi phi island ( think Leo Dicaprio 'the beach' movie). We heard so many reviews about the island from beach paradise to dirty party hole. Well, it is true that you need to avoid Tonsai village at ALL COST. But the rest of the island is absolutely beautiful.. and not crowded at all..see for yourself:) ( and yes you've seen right, there is a 'penis' temple in railey beach krabi)thailand-6819 thailand-6792 thailand-6783 thailand-6659 thailand-6661 thailand-6652 thailand-6663 thailand-6703 thailand-6807 thailand-6803 thailand-6802 thailand-6798 thailand-6743 thailand-6745 thailand-6732 thailand-6726thailand-1252 thailand-1250 thailand-1246 thailand-1241 thailand-1236 thailand-1234 thailand-1227 thailand-1225 thailand-1221 thailand-1218 thailand-1209 thailand-1197 thailand-1185 thailand-1171 thailand-1162 thailand-1121thailand-1359 thailand-1358 thailand-1357 thailand-1353 thailand-1351 thailand-1348 thailand-1339 thailand-1325 thailand-1324 thailand-1318 thailand-1309 thailand-1305 thailand-1297 thailand-1293 thailand-1288 thailand-1287 thailand-1279 thailand-1274 thailand-1272 thailand-1270 thailand-1269 thailand-1257thailand-6921 thailand-6914 thailand-6899 thailand-6895 thailand-6880 thailand-6872 thailand-6868thailand-1614 thailand-1574 thailand-1568 thailand-1565 thailand-1556 thailand-1546 thailand-1542 thailand-1538 thailand-1536 thailand-1527 thailand-1524 thailand-1519 thailand-1518 thailand-1497 thailand-1477 thailand-1440 thailand-1396thailand-1622