Koh Lanta + Ayutthaya

We ended up 'squeezing' one night in Koh Lanta before heading back to Bangkok towards Ayutthaya, and boy we were glad we did! Koh Lanta dosent have the same 'crystal clear water' appeal than Phi phi, but offers beautiful virgin scenery. Also, the cultural landscape is different than other places we went since Koh Lanta is about 80% muslim. Also .. the food!! We had the freshest and most delicious fish and prawn dish ever at Saladan seafood for our 1 year wedding anniversary! how romantic! Next up was Ayutthaya, and historic city 1 hour north of Bangkok. We we greeted by the nicest couple ever at Tamarind guesthouse. I still can't believe how big hearted they were, they went beyond their means to offer us a comfortable stay.

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