BANGKOK, Thailand- Day 1 and Day 29-30

For 4 years, my husband and I have been dreaming of Thailand. Temples, culture, amazing food,monkeys, elephant, beaches,diving, shopping, kind people,  Thailand has it all! In december we finally realized our dream, and left for our 1 month trip. Today I present Bangkok, which we visited on day 1, day 29 and 30 of our trip. The first day upon our arrival we visited beautiful temples in the old part of the city ,got a traditional thai massage and tried to get something to eat at the night market near our guesthouse ( on nut bts station) ... Lets just say that we succeeded everything exempt to manage to eat something lol. Since On Nut nightmarket is far from the touristic center ( we like that!), everything was written in thai and our food was WAYYY to spicy for us to eat. ( and we do enjoy spicy food back home!). Second time around in Bangkok we were ''self proclaimed thai food specialist'' ( thanks to our cooking class in chiang mai) and we were able to order all delicious food! The last day was January 13th, which was the day that marked 'SHUT DOWN BANGKOK' protest. Although our families ( and I) were a bit scared of the outcome, everything was done very peacefully, and I was actually able to get some shots of the protest :) . We also managed to visit Chinatown, and the Amulet market. thailande2013-2014-2 thailande2013-2014-3 thailande2013-2014-4 thailande2013-2014-5thailande2013-2014-7 thailande2013-2014-8thailande2013-2014-11 thailande2013-2014-12 thailande2013-2014-13 thailande2013-2014-14 thailande2013-2014-15 thailande2013-2014-16 thailande2013-2014-17 thailande2013-2014-18 thailande2013-2014-19 thailande2013-2014-20 thailande2013-2014-21 thailande2013-2014-22 thailande2013-2014-23 thailande2013-2014-24 thailande2013-2014-25 thailande2013-2014-26thailande2013-2014-29 thailande2013-2014-30 thailande2013-2014-31 thailande2013-2014-32 thailande2013-2014-33 thailande2013-2014-34 thailande2013-2014-35 thailande2013-2014-36 thailande2013-2014-37 thailande2013-2014-38 thailande2013-2014-39 thailande2013-2014-40 thailande2013-2014-41 thailande2013-2014-42 thailande2013-2014-43 thailande2013-2014-44 thailande2013-2014-45 thailande2013-2014-46 thailande2013-2014-47 thailande2013-2014-48 thailande2013-2014-49 thailande2013-2014-50 thailande2013-2014-51 thailande2013-2014-52 thailande2013-2014-53 thailande2013-2014-54 thailande2013-2014-55 thailande2013-2014-56 thailande2013-2014-57 thailande2013-2014-58 thailande2013-2014-59 thailande2013-2014-60thailande2013-2014-62 thailande2013-2014-63 thailande2013-2014-64 thailande2013-2014-65 thailande2013-2014-66 thailande2013-2014-67 thailande2013-2014-68 thailande2013-2014-69 thailande2013-2014-70 thailande2013-2014-71 thailande2013-2014-72 thailande2013-2014-73 thailande2013-2014-74 thailande2013-2014-75 thailande2013-2014-76 thailande2013-2014-77 thailande2013-2014-78 thailande2013-2014-79 thailande2013-2014-80 thailande2013-2014-81 thailande2013-2014-82 thailande2013-2014-83 thailande2013-2014-84 thailande2013-2014-85 thailande2013-2014-86 thailande2013-2014-87 thailande2013-2014-88 thailande2013-2014-89 thailande2013-2014-90 thailande2013-2014-91 thailande2013-2014-92 thailande2013-2014-93 thailande2013-2014-94 thailande2013-2014-95 thailande2013-2014-96 thailande2013-2014-97 thailande2013-2014-98 thailande2013-2014-99 thailande2013-2014-100 thailande2013-2014-101 thailande2013-2014-102 thailande2013-2014-103 thailande2013-2014-104 thailande2013-2014-105 thailande2013-2014-106 thailande2013-2014-107 thailande2013-2014-108